Jetzt Anfragen AppstoreMulti-Apps with MIsmartApp Projekt Nov. 2013

The Project

We developed a Delegate Application Management System for NXP called the APPSTORE. It consists of a set of 3 different applications with the purpose of letting users load small applications on their smart cards. These Applications could provide them access to different places or some other benefits. With the use of MIFARE Desfire EV2 smart cards and Nexus 7 devices we were able to interact with the user by saving and reading information onto and from the smart cards, giving immediate feedback through a graphical user interface on the devices.

Issuer App

This App is used by the Card Issuer to manage the enrollment of applications onto the smart cards. By enrolling a new Application into the NXP Application Store, a MIsmartApp secure token will be generated and sent to the Service Provider. It is also possible to create application groups for short-term applications. These can reuse the same memory and be replaced when their contract expires.

User App

This application allows end users to view the content of their cards. Through this application, users can find new applications available on the NXP Application Store and easily install them on their smart cards.

Service Provider App

Service Provider applications are those who read the information stored on the smart cards when they get scaned at their establishments. Giving multiple functionality to the smart cards as bus tickets, loyalty cards or tickets for a soccer game for example.

NXP Application Store in action